Oblivion:Ring of the Vipereye

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Leveled Item: Ring of the Vipereye (0006B658)
(All statistics are for level 25+ version)
Type Ring
Editor ID MS12RingVipereye25
Weight Weight 0.3 Value Value 3600
Fortify Agility 10pts
Resist Magic 15%
The Ring of the Vipereye

This Ring of the Vipereye is an Akaviri artifact given as a reward for completing the Bruma quest Lifting the Vale. It was originally found with the diary of an Akaviri messenger sent to Pale Pass. In appearance, it is identical to a silver emerald ring.

If the ring is forcibly removed from your inventory when you are wearing it, a glitch will occur that allows you to retain the ring's bonuses but prevents you from re-equipping or dropping it when it returns to your inventory. If the player attempts to wear the ring they will get the message "You cannot equip this enchanted item right now".

On the PC it is possible to use the Console to fix the problem. To make the ring no longer quest essential, and allow you to drop it, type SetQuestObject FormID 0 where FormID is the LEFT ID code provided in the table below. To remove the permanent bonus left after the ring is gone type player.Dispel MagicID where MagicID is the RIGHT ID code provided in the table below. Doing both of these will result in the ring functioning normally.

Example: You have the bug with the level 5-9 ring. Type SetQuestObject 0006B654 0. This will allow you to remove the ring. To remove the permanent bonus type player.Dispel 0006B64F. This will remove the permanent bonus. Remove the ring from your inventory (i.e. drop on floor, or place in container) then put back in inventory. The ring resumes functioning normally.

[edit] Leveled Statistics

FormID / MagicID
Weight Value Effects
0001C4DA / 0006B64E
0.3 1700 Fortify Agility 5pts
Resist Magic 7%
0006B654 / 0006B64F
0.3 2000 Fortify Agility 6pts
Resist Magic 8%
0006B655 / 0006B650
0.3 2300 Fortify Agility 7pts
Resist Magic 9%
0006B656 / 0006B651
0.3 2550 Fortify Agility 8pts
Resist Magic 10%
0006B657 / 0006B652
0.3 3150 Fortify Agility 9pts
Resist Magic 13%
0006B658 / 0006B653
0.3 3600 Fortify Agility 10pts
Resist Magic 15%

[edit] Bugs

  • Even when the quest is completed, the item remains tagged as "quest essential" and thus cannot be dropped.

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