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Many pages document form IDs, eight digit hex-numbers which are primarily used with console commands on the PC. Other uses are distinguishing between things sharing the same name and looking up information in the game data.

[edit] RefID, BaseID

For NPCs and creatures, usually both a RefID and a BaseID are given; for items, just a BaseID is given. Most console commands accept only one of those IDs. The RefID denotes a specific copy of an object in the game, the BaseID the prototype for an object.

For example, the command player.placeatme <BaseID> will create a new copy of an object and place it at the player's position. This is fine with most items or generic creatures. With unique NPCs however, a second copy will usually cause problems with quests and such. In that case, one could move the NPC to the player with the command sequence:

  • prid <RefID>
  • moveto player

For most items, creating extra copies does no harm, so player.additem <BaseID> <quantity> can be used to add the desired quantity of items to the player's inventory. RefIDs can only be used if the object in question is loaded into memory; visiting the cell of the object can assure this. See the console article for further commands and uses of form IDs for other types of things.

[edit] xx and Add-Ons

The first two digits of form IDs found in add-ons are given as xx, because they may vary depending on the number of active add-ons and the load order of them. Objects from a specific add-on will all have the same two leading digits. If Dawnguard is the only add-on you have, the xx for the IDs should be replaced with 02. In most cases, to find out the first two digits for an add-on, activate the console and click on an object from that add-on to get its ID or use the help command with an add-on specific text. The Nexus Mod Manager also lists the correct ID.

Leading digits which are unique are:

  • 00 Those IDs are used by the original Skyrim (Skyrim.esm), the prefix doesn't change
  • 01 Those IDs are usually used by the Update module (Update.esm)
  • ff Dynamically allocated IDs use this. Since they depend on a specific playthrough, they should not be documented - they will be different for other players.

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