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Sightless Pit
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# of Zones 3
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 18
Falmer, Chaurus, Frostbite Spiders
Important Treasure
Aevar Stone-Singer

1 boss level chest

Console Location Code(s)
SightlessPit01, SightlessPit02, SightlessPit03, SightlessPitExterior
South of Winterhold on the path to Shrine of Azura
Sightless Pit

Sightless Pit is a medium-sized Dwarven ruin in Winterhold that is infested with Falmer. The entrance is located west of Shrine of Azura and marked by a single Falmer tent. Unlike most caves, you must drop down into this one, making it impossible to leave the way you came in and forcing you to traverse the entire cave system to return to the surface. There are a lot of vertical elements in this cave system and the creatures are all leveled.

[edit] Sightless Pit

Upon entering, you will find yourself at the edge of a large pool of water surrounded by icy walls. Continuing in will bring you to a small camp set up by a group of three bandits, whose bodies can be found strewn about the area. A few items of value can be found here, including a coin purse, a copy of the Pickpocket skill book Aevar Stone-Singer, and an unlocked chest on a ledge below the camp next to one of the dead bandits. Descend the earthen ramps and continue down the next tunnel, avoiding the spear trap triggered by an obvious pressure plate in the floor, and dispose of the Falmer lurking there. The tunnel leads you to another section of Dwarven ruins, consisting of a nearly vertical descent that will require careful use of pipes and ledges to avoid a potentially fatal fall.

The room you're descending into is a tall vertical one with a circular ramp leading down. Two Falmer and a frostbite spider will engage you as you climb down (at higher levels, it may only be high-level Falmer). The only way forward is down a stone hallway that leads to a small intersection. Two more Falmer will ambush you from the left as you walk down the hallway. A Dwarven chest is laying in the rubble just before the turn to the north. It leads into a large dual staircase with a collapsed Dwarven Centurion. Three more enemies guard the top of the stairs, consisting of Falmer, frostbite spiders, and/or chaurus, depending on your level. The door at the top of the stairs leads to the second zone, Temple of Xrib.

[edit] Temple of Xrib

The Temple of Xrib is comprised of a mixture of Dwarven ruins and snowy caves. The entrance is a stony Dwarven ruin containing a leveled chaurus and Falmer. Continuing on leads you to a snowy Falmer camp that contains three Falmer, plus a fourth that will emerge from a Falmer hive on the southeast wall. Despite two tents and a lot of Falmer, the only things of value in the camp are a few egg sacs that can be harvested for Chaurus Eggs, and some Glowing Mushrooms.

The icy tunnel that continues on from the camp leads into a massive chamber that is visually rivaled between the sparkling opalescent ceiling and the large Dwarven pyramid structure that occupies it. The entrance to this chamber is guarded by one Falmer and a chaurus, while two more Falmer roam the platform above, which holds three Falmer chests and three Falmer tents. There is a lot of area that can be explored along the sides of the Dwarven structure, but they hold nothing of note. Near the north side is a ramp that leads further up, where a Falmer and a chaurus patrol. You can find a small Dwarven chest overlooking the ledge just past them, while another Falmer stands guard at the end of the ramp above. This brings you to the highest level of this chamber, where a harmless mist drifts across the floor. A boss-level Falmer guards a boss-level Dwarven chest, along with its two animals minions, either frostbite spiders or chaurus. At the back of this area is a Dwemer lift that will take you to the last zone of this cave system, Abandoned Cave.

[edit] Abandoned Cave

The Abandoned Cave is an unoccupied zone that serves as the exit for this cave system. The exit door is barred from the inside, preventing you from accessing the Temple of Xrib without first traversing the Sightless Pit. The only items of value in this cave are snowberry and glowing mushrooms which can be harvested along the path. Exiting out to Skyrim will bring you to a ledge overlooking the entrance to Sightless Pit. A small path up from the ledge leads to a stone altar with a skeleton lying on it holding a leveled enchanted weapon. Two more skeletons that will reanimate on either side of the altar when you approach it. The skeleton on the altar can be exploited for unlimited gold.

[edit] Bugs

  • Behind one of the tents in the Falmer camp near the beginning of the Temple of Xrib, you can walk up onto a small ledge that has a glitched wall texture, allowing you to step out of the playable area and see further into the zone. You cannot proceed any further, however, and can only step back onto the ledge.

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