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A Dwarven Centurion
A Dwarven Centurion in its charging gantry

Dwarven Centurions are the largest and strongest creations the Dwemer left behind. Designed in the form of a large armored warrior, with a hammer on one arm and a spring-loaded spike in the other, they are formidable adversaries that usually serve as the bosses of Dwarven ruins. They can also emit a blast of steam a short distance to damage their opponents. They are typically slow, though they have massive amounts of health, do massive damage, and can resist all magic and shouts (except for Marked for Death and Unrelenting Force, which causes them to stagger).

They are not as common in Dwarven ruins as the lesser Dwarven automatons. They will usually be found standing in charging gantries, which will keep them at the ready until they activate to attack a target. Some such Centurions are proximity-activated (meaning they will wake up if you come within a certain range of them, essentially making them impossible to sneak past), while others are activated manually via a lever. They can be attacked at a range with bows or Destruction magic while inactive, sometimes allowing you to kill them before they can start fighting. In some cases they are even used as traps, to prevent any would be treasure hunter from plundering the ruins they protect.

If you are a low-level melee character, a surprisingly effective strategy is to get as close to them as possible, to the extent that your character is physically touching the Centurion's legs. This is because Centurions cannot lower their arms or tilt their heads to attack enemies beneath their shoulders. Thus, both their steam breath and melee attacks simply go right over you, allowing you to attack them with little to no fuss.

With the installation of the Dawnguard add-on, one unique Dwarven Centurion appears, named The Forgemaster.

Type (ID) Lvl Carries Health Magicka Sta. Frost Resistance Poison Resistance Resist Magic Attacks
Dwarven Centurion
24 Dwarven Centurion Loot 653 15 292 100 100 25
  • 75 - 150pts melee
  • Steam Breath (Shout, 75pts for 1 second)
Dwarven Centurion Guardian
30 819 15 100 100 100 25
  • 75 - 150pts melee
  • Steam Breath (Shout, 75pts for 1 second)
Dwarven Centurion Master
36 1000 15 540 100 100 25
  • 75 - 150pts melee
  • Steam Breath (Shout, 100pts for 1 second)

[edit] Notes

  • Using Unrelenting Force on a Dwarven Centurion before it moves off of its charging gantry may cause it to become immobile.

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