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For the quest, see Angarvunde (quest).

SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png
Nordic Ruin:
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# of Zones 3
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 6
Important Treasure
A Dance in Fire, v7
Before the Ages of Man
Console Location Code(s)
AngarvundeExterior01, Angarvunde01, Angarvunde02, Angarvunde03
The Rift
West of Heartwood Mill
Northwest of Avanchnzel
Special Features
Word Wall Animal Allegiance
Ore Veins
# of Corundum 1
Exterior view

Angarvunde is a medium-sized Nordic tomb at the foot of the mountains directly west of Riften and slightly northwest of Avanchnzel.

The word wall at Angarvunde

There is a word wall here for the Animal Allegiance shout. Both of the secondary zones are linear and loop you back to the start of each zone. The northwestern zone, Angarvunde Ruins, has two loops.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Exterior

Outside the entrance to the ruin is a campsite. There is a cooking pot hanging over a blazing fire with two unowned bed rolls next to it and a barrel sitting behind them. Behind the fire is a wooden platform with another unowned bed roll, a chair, and a small table. The table has a copy of the Speech skill book A Dance in Fire, v7 and Medresi's notes, a journal that foreshadows the quest awaiting inside the ruins.

[edit] Angarvunde

Medresi Dran will be met inside the entrance. She asks that the path ahead be cleared, as her hired miners ran away once they saw the undead. Dispatching the three enemies in the first room will result in her offering you a key. This key opens doors on both sides of this main room. Each must be cleared of undead.

It does not matter which area is dealt with first. After clearing the second area, the gate ahead of Medresi opens. She rushes in and meets an untimely end. The death is scripted - you may save her from the trap by sprinting to catch up and using Unrelenting Force, but she dies anyway. You may use the surroundings to reach her body and loot a few items. Head down the stairs, where enemies may await. The word wall is ahead. When you're done, you will have to backtrack to exit the ruins (there is no shortcut).

[edit] Related Quests

  • Angarvunde: Discover the treasure of Angarvunde.

[edit] Maps

[edit] Notes

  • You can find a a copy of the Illusion skill book Before the Ages of Man in Angarvunde Ruins.
  • A room in Angarvunde Catacombs contains four giant canis root plants. Most canis roots are roughly one foot tall, while these four are taller than you.
  • Angarvunde is marked as cleared when the related quest is completed. Therefore, clearing this location is not triggered by killing its boss enemy (unlike all other dungeons in the game), but rather by discovering the word wall.
  • There is a silver ore vein a short distance southeast of the camp.
  • There is a small storage area with a strongbox, lockpicks, and potions farther up the side of the mountain to the south-southeast of the camp.
  • You can also kill Medresi as soon as you enter, which will still allow you to progress the miscellaneous objective.

[edit] Bugs

  • Clearing this location does not increment the number of "Dungeons Cleared" displayed in your journal, and therefore does not contribute to the Delver achievement.
  • If you pickpocket the key from Medresi instead of talking to her, Medresi can get stuck: you can open the gates, but she will refuse to go through them. In this case, you must kill Medresi to progress.
  • When chasing Medresi into the last room, the floor trap might open, immediately close again, and then remain closed, so the final room with the word wall cannot be accessed. ?
    • If you retreat to the main chamber and re-enter the final room a second time the floor trap may open for you.

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