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Nordic Ruin:
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# of Zones 2
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 6
Draugr, Frostbite Spiders, Mikrul Gauldurson
Important Treasure
Fire and Darkness
Gauldur Amulet Fragment
Gauldur Blackblade
Ivory Dragon Claw
Console Location Code(s)
FolgunthurExterior01, FolgunthurExterior02, FolgunthurExterior03, FolgunthurExterior04, Folgunthur01, Folgunthur02
Southeast of Solitude
West of the Abandoned Shack
Special Features
Word Wall Frost Breath

Folgunthur is a medium-sized Nordic ruin located southeast of Solitude. The ruins have two interior zones: Folgunthur and Folgunthur Crypt, which houses the tomb of Mikrul Gauldurson.

Daynas Valen's tent outside Folgunthur

The deserted camp of Daynas Valen and his group is near the ruin entrance. There are some notes explaining his mission and several bed rolls are available for resting. There are also a couple of deathbell plants outside the ruin entrance.

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Zone 1: Folgunthur

For a short while you are simply following in Daynas Valen's footsteps, encountering his colleagues' bodies and dead draugr on the way, and meeting no enemies almost until you find Daynas himself.

Eventually you will enter a main chamber with two levels. A copy of the One-handed skill book Fire and Darkness can be found to the left as you enter this chamber—it is on the floor next to a dead adventurer. A stairway leading up is found directly across the room, just after your first encounter with four draugr in the first level. Be careful with the stairs leading up to the second level as they are rigged with a trap door which drops you into a water-filled spike pit. A coin purse can be found by swimming down toward the spikes. The pit may be difficult to climb out of, but the trap can be closed with the nearby lever (reachable from the water), thereby lifting you back out. However, followers may have trouble making it up the stairs. If that happens, you can always continue on and they will appear beside you at the beginning of the next zone.

Climb the stairs and follow the passages to the body of Daynas Valen and a raised drawbridge. Take the ivory dragon claw he carries and use it in the keyhole to lower the drawbridge. Keep the claw as it is required to unlock the puzzle door further on. Daynas' notes provide some background on Gauldur and his sons (and advance the Forbidden Legend quest if you have it), but don't appear to be necessary to finish clearing the dungeon.

Cross the drawbridge, and don't miss the trapped chest down a dead end on the left. If you trip the trap it fires poison darts from either side of the chest. Continue through the passages, encountering more draugr along the way. Halfway through the area is a corridor blocked by a series of four metal gates preceded by four levers, two on each wall of the corridor. Each lever opens or closes one or more of the gates. To open all gates, pull the first left-hand and second right-hand levers (the puzzle is reset when all levers are pointing down). Proceed along the corridor and down a wide ruined staircase, avoiding a rockfall that starts from the top of the second half of the staircase as you head down. A draugr at the foot of the stairs may bear the brunt of the rocks.

Through the next door is a squarish room with two draugr on thrones facing a chain on the wall. In the center of the room is a locked circular grate in the floor, covering some stairs that lead further down. To the side of each throne is a door (one of which is open) and a lever. The levers close whichever door is open, and open the closed door. In the right-hand room (when facing the thrones) are three pillars showing three different symbols: snake, whale, and eagle, from left to right (counter-clockwise). The pillars in the left-hand room must be rotated so that they mirror the pillars in the right-hand room: snake, whale, and eagle, from left to right (clockwise). When the correct sequence is shown, the chain in the throne room will open the grate in the floor; otherwise, the chain activates a poison dart trap that fire from above it.

After descending the stairway, and dispatching a few frostbite spiders, you will reach a double door, on your left is a side board with a random empty soul gem hidden in a stone bowl. On your right is a shelving unit with a random dagger, a random healing potion and a leather strip. Beyond the doors is a wide corridor with a large urn on your left, leading to the puzzle door. After you pass through the double door it will close, and six draugr will emerge from the sarcophagi lining the walls. The puzzle door is opened with the combination that appears on the claw itself: Hawk—Hawk—Dragon from outermost circle inward. Beyond lies the exit to the next area.

[edit] Zone 2: Folgunthur Crypt

Upon entering this zone you are in a corridor at the bottom of a flight of stairs, with a stone table at the top. On the table are a leveled healing potion and a leveled weapon. To the right of the table is a burial urn. The corridor at this point turns to the southeast and opens into a large room containing the sarcophagus of Mikrul Gauldurson, who will arise as you approach, along with a number of draugr thralls. When Mikrul is defeated, any surviving thralls will die, and several unopened thrall sarcophagi will crack open, revealing their dead draugr occupants. Mikrul's corpse contains the Gauldur Blackblade, a Writ of Sealing, and a Gauldur Amulet Fragment (a quest item for Forbidden Legend). The first half of the large room is devoid of anything of interest. There are urns and burial urns amongst the sarcophagi.

At the rear of the crypt are two gates which are opened using the ivory dragon claw. The gate to the left leads to a collapsed passageway, and only contains minor loot, but the gate to the right leads to a room which may contain a dragon priest, two draugr, and a word wall which teaches part of the Frost Breath shout, in front of which is a table bearing some items including a leveled shield, a random one handed weapon and a coin purse, as well a chest containing leveled loot. There are bookshelves on your right as you enter this room that hold a couple of coin purses. A door back to the main entrance in Folgunthur, via an iron door, is located at the rear of the room. To the left of this door is a greatsword which may be floating at waist height due to a glitch.

[edit] Maps

[edit] Notes

  • Once you get back to the first room, near the entry, with the pillar puzzle already solved, insert the claw in the keyhole near the eastern wall. It opens a secret chamber with a locked chest.
  • There is a small, unmarked camp 280 feet west-northwest of Folgunthur, containing a cooking spit and a copy of the Pickpocket skill book Purloined Shadows.

[edit] Bugs

  • Sometimes, you will be unable to get the Frost Breath word from the wall and the sound will loop repeatedly.
    • It may resolve itself if you return once everything has respawned.
  • The last gate when exiting back into the entry area sometimes gets stuck and cannot be opened with the lever if it is closed.
    • Turning the console off and reloading the game fixes this issue.

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