Skyrim:Unknown Book, Vol. I

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Book Information
Added by Mod Dawnguard
ID xx01A3E0
Value 20 Weight 1
Related to Forgotten Vale Books Quest
Found in the following locations:
  • Forgotten Vale: On an icy slope leading to the vast frozen river, in the hands of a skeleton lying on a chest.
The journal is written in Falmer, but it transliterates directly into English.

Calcelmo's translation can be found under the title The Betrayed.


[Editor's Note: Because this book was written in Falmer, it is entirely in uppercase. The text listed here has been changed to standard case, for readability.]

And when the Snow Prince fell to the ground
The Ice Elves divided above and below
Now vanquished and brutally bound
One moment had shattered all they did know

The once cool wind on their skin
Now replaced with the heat of the flame
And a pride once felt deep within
Forgotten along with their name

Torn from their home of ice and frost
Thrown into the pitch black dread of night
Living in fear as their minds become lost
As their eyes begin dimming the light

Chained and enslaved
What once was light turned to blackness
Alone and betrayed
Sinking deeper into madness

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