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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold The Rift
Appears in Arena, Skyrim, ESO
Riften circa 4E 201

Riften (sometimes spelled Rifton[1][2]) is the capital city of the Hold known as the Rift in southeastern Skyrim.[3] The city lies close to the province's borders with Cyrodiil and Morrowind, and has become home to many Dunmer.[4][5] It is built on the shores of Lake Honrich, nestled in the Fall Forest.[6]

It was in Riften that Barenziah joined the Thieves Guild when she returned to Morrowind from her exile in Skyrim, and the town is well-known as being the base of operations for the Thieves Guild in Skyrim.[7][8][9] At its height in the Second Era, Riften was a fairly large city and a major hub of activity for trade caravans and travelers from Morrowind. It was also home to branches of the both the Fighters and Mages Guilds, and was a relative bright spot in the mundanity of The Rift.[10]

However, Riften fell into a period of decline beginning in 4E 98 when the Jarl was murdered and replaced by Hosgunn Crossed-Daggers (who many believed was the one responsible for the murder). Over the following 40 years, the new Jarl imposed unreasonably high taxes on the people and spent most of the coin on building a large, lavish castle for himself. This led to a rebellion of the people of Riften against the Jarl which resulted in much of the city being consumed by flames. Many, including the Jarl, died, and it took five years to rebuild the city, though true recovery is ongoing.[11]

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[edit] Notes

  • Arena was originally conceived as a fighting game featuring a tournament that took the player to each of Tamriel's cities to challenge different gladiatorial teams. According to a file from that stage of development left behind in the final game, Riften's gladiatorial team would have been called "the Furies".[oog 1]

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Note: the following references are not found in game. They are included to provide a rounder background to this article, but may not reflect established lore.

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