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Dwarven Automatons (also known as Dwemer Constructs) are various ancient, robot-like machines encountered in Dwarven Ruins.

Dwemer constructs can be found within the ruins of their creators' cities across Skyrim, as well as in other provinces, especially Morrowind, High Rock, and Hammerfell. These constructs are the remnants of the long-lost civilization of the Dwemer (also known as Deep Elves). The Dwemer were a race of secular, highly technologically advanced Mer, who settled Skyrim in cities far beneath the ground, protected by a variety of Automatons.

Despite the disappearance of the Dwemer after the events of the War of the First Council, their constructions remain functional in long lost cities beneath the ground.

Contrary to what one might expect from reading the Ruins of Kemel-Ze, Dwemer Automatons are not immune to shock, which actually causes them normal damage. They instead are immune to frost and poison, and possess a 25% resistance to magic. Given the fact that they are not technically "alive," they can breathe underwater and are immune to Soul Trap. Additionally, the only detection magical effect that works on automatons is the shout Aura Whisper.


[edit] Dwarven Spider

A Dwarven Spider

Dwarven Spiders are small, arachnid-like constructs, and are very common in Dwemer ruins. They will often be found working on rocks or other objects. The Dwarven Spider might come out of "nowhere", as they use holes in the walls to engage their enemy, so watch out while exploring for small shuttles in the walls. They are very agile and will attack at first sight, using a variety of leg attacks, as well as a short-range jolt of electricity.

This is a summary of information on Dwarven Spiders. See the main Dwarven Spider article for more detailed information.

[edit] Dwarven Sphere

A Dwarven Sphere

Dwarven Spheres are constructs that have proven to be agile fighters, and are much stronger than the smaller Dwarven Spider. Dwarven Spheres patrol ruins in a spherical form until they encounter an opponent. At this point, they will erect into their semi-humanoid form and attack. They can also be hiding in ports where they come out from when someone gets close.

This is a summary of information on Dwarven Spheres. See the main Dwarven Sphere article for more detailed information.

[edit] Dwarven Centurion

A Dwarven Centurion

Dwarven Centurions are the largest and strongest creations the Dwemer left behind. Designed in the form of a large armored warrior, with a hammer on one arm and a spring-loaded spike in the other, they are formidable adversaries that usually serve as the bosses of Dwemer ruins. They can also emit a blast of steam a short distance to damage their opponents. They are typically slow, though they have massive amounts of health, do massive damage, and can resist all magic and shouts (except for Marked for Death and Unrelenting Force, which causes them to stagger).

This is a summary of information on Dwarven Centurions. See the main Dwarven Centurion article for more detailed information.

[edit] Dwarven BallistaDB

Dwarven Ballista

Dwarven Ballistae are Dwarven automatons that can be encountered on Solstheim in Dwarven ruins, and are added to radiant dwarven automaton spawns in Skyrim. They are ranged enemies shooting Dwarven arrows or bolts which can penetrate armor and seriously damage lower level players.

This is a summary of information on Dwarven Ballistae. See the main Dwarven Ballista article for more detailed information.

[edit] Rewards and Loot

Dwemer Bolts fired by Spheres and Centurions cannot be picked up.

The loot that the Dwemer Constructs drop is very different from most other creatures' loot. They drop plenty of Dwemer bits and parts, Dwarven Oil, and Soul Gems, both empty and full. Dwarven Spiders often drop an ore of some kind. Dwarven Centurions drop high level arrows such as Daedric Arrows, as well as valuable Centurion Dynamo Cores, which can be used at the Atronach Forge to create Daedric items.

With the Dawnguard plug-in, all variants of Dwarven spheres now drop up to ten Dwarven Bolts (usually 8 or 9).

For complete information on the leveled loot, go to this page.

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