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SR-qico-Daedric.png Hunt in Hircine's name; choose between killing a werewolf or saving his life.
Quest Giver: Mathies or Sinding
Location(s): Falkreath, Bloated Man's Grotto
Reward: Savior's Hide and/or Ring of Hircine (see Multiple Rewards)
ID: DA05
Meeting Sinding at the Grotto

[edit] Quick Walkthrough

  1. (Optional) Speak to Mathies, the father of the slain child in Falkreath.
  2. Talk to Sinding, who is in a jail cell located in the Falkreath barracks.
  3. Accept his quest and take his Cursed Ring of Hircine.
  4. Kill the White Stag.
  5. Accept Hircine's quest to kill Sinding.
  6. Travel to Bloated Man's Grotto.
  7. Speak with Sinding.
  8. Defeat Sinding OR defeat Hircine's Hunters and speak with Sinding.
  9. Speak with Hircine.

[edit] Detailed Walkthrough

[edit] Falkreath

In the graveyard outside of the Hall of the Dead in Falkreath, you will find the grieving parents of a recently slain child being consoled by Runil. Mathies, the father of the child, tells you that a laborer working for him on Corpselight Farm named Sinding was the murderer and is currently locked up in Falkreath Jail.

Go to the jail and find Sinding's cell. He will approach the bars and speak with you, revealing that he is a werewolf. He explains that he stole the Ring of Hircine in an attempt to control his transformations, but that Hircine cursed the ring, which now causes the wearer to lose control of his or her transformations.

Sinding will eventually ask you to help him kill a White Stag in order to regain Hircine's favor and remove the curse from the ring. Agree to help him and he will give you the Cursed Ring of Hircine, which will automatically be equipped on your character for the duration of the quest. Sinding will then transform into a werewolf and escape through the top of his cell.

If you are a lycanthrope, the ring will randomly cause you to transform into your beast form, which may cause a significant bounty if triggered at the wrong time. If you are not infected, the ring's only effect will be to take up your finger slot.

[edit] Hunting the White Stag

The White Stag can be found south of Pinewatch in an unmarked clearing. Kill the stag to cause the ghostly Aspect of Hircine to appear. Hircine will tell you to hunt down Sinding in Bloated Man's Grotto and tear the skin from his body. He will also tell you to hurry, as you are not the only hunter vying for his favor.

[edit] Bloated Man's Grotto

Upon entering Bloated Man's Grotto, you will see a small camp containing the bodies of several hunters. Speak to the mortally wounded J'Kier, who will tell you that his group of hunters was killed fighting Sinding. Go further into the cave to find Sinding, who will ask for your assistance in fighting off the remaining hunters. You must choose whether to help Sinding or kill him.

[edit] Hircine's Will

Be ready to fight.

If you choose to fight Sinding, he will run from the cliff towards the entrance, where there are several hunters waiting for him. None of them are a match for him, and by the time you catch up to him he will most likely have killed several of them. Kill Sinding and activate his corpse to tear his skin off as Hircine requested. Hircine will appear as a ghostly manifestation of Sinding to reclaim the ring, and will give you the Savior's Hide as a reward.

[edit] Helping Sinding

If you choose to assist Sinding, a new group of hunters will attack you. After defeating them, continue deeper into the Grotto and help Sinding kill the weaker hunters. Once all of the hunters are dead, talk to Sinding, who will thank you for your help. When you exit the cave, speak to the Aspect of Hircine, who will remove the curse from the ring and allow you to keep it as a reward for winning the hunt.

[edit] Multiple Rewards

It is entirely possible to obtain both the Ring of Hircine as well as the Savior's Hide. In order to do so:

  1. Talk to Sinding and tell him you will spare his life.
  2. Help Sinding eliminate the remaining hunters. Make sure to save your game at this point!
  3. Tell Sinding that the Hunters are dead, exit the cave and the Aspect of Hircine will appear again, granting you the Ring of Hircine.
  4. Go back into the cave, give both rings to your follower/place in chest, kill Sinding, take his hide and receive the Savior's Hide from Hircine.

It has been reported that the above does not work in all cases. If you find yourself unable to skin Sinding after murdering him, reload the save from after killing the other hunters, then proceed to:

  1. Tell Sinding that the Hunters are dead
  2. Kill Sinding, take his hide and receive the Savior's Hide from Hircine.
  3. Exit the cave and the Aspect of Hircine will appear again, granting you the Ring of Hircine.

[edit] Both rings

It is possible to get the Savior's Hide and both Rings of Hircine, but you must have transformed to be able to do this, as you cannot unequip the ring otherwise.

  1. Opt to kill the hunters rather than Sinding at the start of the quest.
  2. Talk to Sinding and place the Cursed Ring of Hircine in a chest in Bloated Man's Grotto or give it to a follower.
  3. Exit the Grotto, and receive the ring from the Aspect of Hircine.
  4. Go back, kill Sinding and take the skin from his body to receive the Savior's Hide.
  5. Retrieve your Cursed Ring of Hircine from the chest or follower.

[edit] Alternate procedure

  1. Help Sinding and kill the hunters.
  2. Place cursed ring in chest.
  3. Go outside. Hircine will talk to you. Don't talk back. Exit the conversation and go back to the cave.
  4. Kill Sinding, skin, talk to Hircine (the one inside the Grotto) and get Savior's Hide.
  5. Place Savior's Hide in chest.
  6. Go outside. The other Hircine will still be there. Talk to him and get the good ring.
  7. Go back to the chest inside and get the cursed ring and Savior's Hide.

[edit] Notes

  • If you acquire the Ring of Hircine and the Savior's Hide, both will count towards the Oblivion Walker achievement, allowing you to earn the achievement without completing one of the "required" Daedric quests. However, the "Daedric Quests Completed" statistic (in the General Stats section of your log) is only incremented once.
  • It is possible to find Sinding wandering Skyrim if you should choose to let him live. He will not attack you, but cannot be interacted with in any way.
  • After completing the quest and leaving the Grotto, the dead hunters will disappear, along with the loot that is on them. If you need to make more than one trip, make sure to loot everyone before leaving and place the items inside the chest.
  • If you exit the dialogue with Sinding after meeting him in the Grotto, or allow it to time out, it counts as having chosen to kill Sinding.
  • Be very careful if you choose to help Sinding kill the hunters, as accidentally striking Sinding three times will cause him to turn against you.
  • All the hunters encountered in Bloated Man's Grotto have unique names: J'Kier, Batum gra-Bar, Ma'tasarr, Hoddreid, Rissing, Tsrasuna, Torkild the Fearsome, Yar gro-Gatuk, Eriana, Heratar, Ra'kheran, and Ahjisi.
  • This quest will completely alter Bloated Man's Grotto, but it will reset to its non-quest form one in-game month after the death of Sinding if you don't enter it during that time. It's recommended to visit Bloated Man's Grotto before doing this quest if you want to loot Bolar's Oathblade without killing Sinding.
  • It is possible for Sinding to not be in Bloated Man's Grotto when you first arrive. The likelihood is that you have beaten him to it and he is taking the long way around, via Riverwood and the south of Whiterun. He will eventually arrive at the grotto.[verification needed — see talk page]

[edit] Bugs

  • When the Cursed Ring of Hircine equips itself, it will not unequip any ring you are currently wearing, allowing you to wear two rings at once.
  • It is possible for the White Stag to relocate to a location outside of the playable world, making it impossible for you to reach him and progress the quest.
    • Pc22.png Use the console command tcl to disable collision, enabling you to float towards the White Stag to kill it. Upon returning to a valid location use the same command to enable collision and resume normal gameplay.
  • When leaving the jail after accepting the quest, if you don't wait for Sinding to transform and escape, he may remain there even after he is supposed to be making his way to the Grotto.
    • Pc22.png It may be possible to complete the quest normally by moving him outside of the cell using moveto player console command and then exiting the barracks immediately.
  • Casting non-offensive spells at Sinding (including healing spells) counts as striking him, therefore healing him three times will turn him hostile towards you.
  • Sinding may not come to the bars when you enter the jail, making it impossible to talk to him.
    • Leaving and entering the jail a second time usually fixes this.
  • If you manage to get both rewards from the quest by killing both Sinding and the hunters, Sinding may appear dead as a werewolf behind bars in the Falkreath Jail, or alive traveling the roads, or possibly back in Bloated Man's Grotto.
  • If you change to beast form and then return to normal, you will be able to remove the Cursed Ring of Hircine (since transforming to a werewolf removes all items you are wearing). If you have installed Dawnguard, transforming into a Vampire Lord accomplishes the same thing.
  • If you are riding a horse when the cursed ring transforms you into a werewolf, the camera will stay focused on the horse, even though you are not on it. You will need to wait to turn back into your regular form, then mount the horse and dismount it to get back to a normal camera view. This will also remove the ring.
  • In Bloated Man's Grotto it may be possible to begin another conversation with the Aspect of Hircine after his dialogue has finished, while he is in the process of vanishing. This will leave you stuck in conversation, unable to exit it. ?
  • When Sinding attempts to escape after giving you the ring, it's possible he will fail, leaving him standing in the cell. The guards will tell you he escaped, and the hunters at Bloated Man's Grotto will still die, but returning to the jail will find Sinding still in his cage. If you then kill him in his cell, there may be two of him, one with and one without the essential flag. If this occurs, this will make the quest impossible to complete as the one you are supposed to kill will be the one with the essential flag.
  • Sinding (as a werewolf) may be found back at the Falkreath Barracks, and killing him there and taking his skin will still trigger the appearance of the Aspect of Hircine, allowing you to gain the Savior's Hide long after the quest in question has been completed.
  • After completing the quest by letting Sinding live, there may be two copies of him in the cave, both in werewolf form.
  • When first encountering Sinding in Bloated Man's Grotto he may not engage you in conversation, but instead proceed to attack the hunters. However, he will be unable to properly engage them in combat and they will not be hostile to you either. You can attack and kill them, but you can't engage Sinding in conversation, making it impossible to complete the quest. ?
    • Exit from the grotto and reenter; now the conversation should be unlocked.
  • If you attack Sinding in beast form, he may not become hostile and the option to skin his corpse may not present itself.

[edit] Quest Stages

Ill Met By Moonlight (DA05)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 There are stories in Falkreath of a strange vagrant who savagely killed a little girl.
Objective 10: Speak to Sinding
20 I've met Sinding, a werewolf who the Daedric Lord Hircine has punished by preventing his transformations. He's given me the ring he stole and asked me to entreat Hircine for forgiveness.
Objective 20: Kill the great beast
50 I've met Sinding, a werewolf who the Daedric Lord Hircine has punished by preventing his transformations. Hircine has asked me to finish the job and gain his favor by killing Sinding.
Objective 50: Begin the hunt
Objective 55: Join the hunt
Objective 60: Kill Sinding
Objective 61: Skin Sinding
Objective 65: Speak with Hircine
70 I've met Sinding, a werewolf who the Daedric Lord Hircine has punished by preventing his transformations. I'm going to defend him against the hunters that Hircine has sent to end his life.
Objective 70: Kill the Hunters
Objective 80: Talk to Sinding
100 Finishes quest I met Sinding, a werewolf who the Daedric Lord Hircine had punished by preventing his transformations. I helped kill him as a service to Hircine, and have been rewarded with the Savior's Hide.
105 Finishes quest I met Sinding, a werewolf who the Daedric Lord Hircine had punished by preventing his transformations. I defended him against the hunters that Hircine sent to end his life, and earned his friendship.
205 Fails quest
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 0, 200, 210.

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