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Almalexia (almalexia / Almalexia_warrior)
Location Mournhold Temple: High Chapel
Sotha Sil, Dome of Sotha Sil
Species Chimer Soul Divine (1500)
Level 100 Type Special Creatures
Other Information
Health 3000 Magicka 1500
Alarm 100 / 0 Fight 50 / 0
Essential Until The Mad God

Almalexia is one of the three Tribunal immortals, who resides in Mournhold, rarely leaving her High Temple. Almalexia appears as "alm" in Almsivi. She seems to be taking her decline of power (due to being deprived of the Heart of Lorkhan) rather badly, and according to Galsa Andrano, Almalexia has become increasingly insane. The insanity has caused paranoia, and the goddess has become suspicious of King Hlaalu Helseth, but he isn't currently her major focus.


  • Greetings:
    • "So you are the person I have been hearing about. I welcome you to my chapel, %PCName...or perhaps I should call you by another name? But, that is a discussion for a later time. I understand you have done well in my service, and, indeed, a service in my name is a service for all of Mournhold. Now, my faithful and obedient servant, let us discuss Barilzar's Mazed Band."
    • "There is much work to be done. Leave me now, my loyal servant. We will speak again soon, I am sure." Goodbye
    • "There is a disturbance in the Plaza Brindsi Doram. Investigate it, my good and faithful servant. I shall remain here." Goodbye

  • Barenziah:
    • "Yes...the mother to young King Helseth. A fascinating woman. Mortal, but fascinating.
  • Barilzar's Mazed Band:
    • "I was told you had the Mazed Band. Where is it? Retrieve it. Quickly."
    • "An interesting item, is it not? It seems ordinary enough, but it is much more. The ring is cold now, but the embers of its power still burn hot within. I will use my magic to reawaken this power."
      • Why did you want this ring? [Barilzar's Mazed Band has been removed from your inventory.] '"Do not concern yourself too deeply in these matters, friend %PCName. I will use the ring as I do serve the Temple and all of Morrowind. You have been a pleasant surprise to meet. I have seen something in you that I have not seen in a very long time. I bestow the blessing of My Light upon you. May it serve you well. We will speak again soon."
      • It is my pleasure to serve you. [Barilzar's Mazed Band has been removed from your inventory.] "It is I who serve all of Morrowind. Your help has been appreciated, %PCName. I have seen something in you that I have not seen in a very long time. I bestow the blessing of My Light upon you. We will speak again in the future."
    • "It is good and right that the Band be in my possession. Surely, it will be a boon to all of my people. Your efforts are appreciated."
  • Fedris Hler:
    • "Dear Fedris has been my loyal servant for a very long time. He is my Steward, and he oversees many of the day-to-day activities here at the Temple."
  • Gavas Drin:
    • "My dear Gavas has been a loyal servant of mine for many, many years. He is a shining example of the glory of the Tribunal."
  • Helseth:
    • "Helseth is the King of Morrowind. He is young, and has much to learn. Soon he will learn the strength of the Tribunal Temple, and its importance to all my people."
  • High Ordinators: "My High Ordinators protect the city of Mournhold from any who would do it harm. They are holy warriors, blessed with great speed and strength."
  • Royal Guard: "The king's guards? I don't concern myself with them. My Hands are the most powerful warriors in all of Mournhold."
  • Sotha Sil:
    • "Do not concern yourself with Sotha Sil. He lives in his own way, as he always has. No, I have not spoken with him in a long time, but this not odd. I'm certain all is well with my old friend."
    • "Sotha Sil. I cannot count the times I have fought by the Magician's side. It was he who stood with me the day I fought in Mournhold and banished Mehrunes Dagon to the depths of Oblivion. It was Sotha Sil who was able to delve the mysteries of Kagrenac's tools, and raise me to my rightful station. Now, though, the Tinkerer has become unstable."
    • "Once, Sotha Sil was like we are, the Lord Vivec and I. He spent time among these mortals, instructing them, counseling them, protecting them from harm. He may have loved them more than any of us, though I know not why. It has been many years since any have seen the Sorcerer, though. Many more since he took initiates into his service. I believe he grew weary of mortal imperfections, and retired to his Clockwork City, where he reshapes life, and some say the very world, into an image he finds pleasing."
  • Tienius Delitian:
    • "He's the leader of the young king's Royal Guard, I believe. An Imperial. They're all the same."

Related Quests[edit]

Main Quest[edit]

  • Barilzar's Mazed Band: Find this powerful artifact hidden beneath the Temple and return it to Almalexia.
  • A Show of Power: Further investigate the Plaza attack for Helseth by working for Almalexia.
  • The Missing Hand: Take care of one of the Hands of Almalexia who has abandoned his post.
  • The Blade of Nerevar: Gather the three broken pieces of this legendary blade to reforge it.
  • The Mad God: Find the supposedly mad Sotha Sil in his hidden Clockwork City for Almalexia.


  • Almalexia is noted for having the largest soul in not only Morrowind, but also both of the expansions, even larger than that of Vivec.
  • If you choose to break the storyline and attack Almalexia in the High Chapel, you will not incur a bounty. Although the powerful Hands next to her will attack you, the rest of Mournhold will not even bat an eye.