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Goldenglow Estate
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# of Zones 4
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 6
Aringoth, Mercenaries, Skeevers
Important Treasure
Bee in a Jar
Guide to Better Thieving
Queen Bee Statue
Console Location Code(s)
GoldenglowEstateExterior01, GoldenglowEstateExterior02, GoldenglowEstateExterior03, GoldenglowEstateExterior04, GoldenglowEstateExterior05, GoldenglowEstate01, GoldenglowEstate02, GoldenglowEstate03, GoldenglowEstate04, GoldenglowEstateStart
The Rift
Goldenglow Estate

Goldenglow Estate is a honey farm on a group of islands directly west of Riften. It is inaccessible until the Thieves Guild quest Loud and Clear is initiated.

The estate is owned by Aringoth. It comprises a home, an apiary, and docks, and is situated on three islands connected by footbridges. Once the related quest Loud and Clear is activated, it is heavily guarded by Aringoth's Mercenaries.

All items in and on the estate are free to take. The mercenaries will be hostile to you at all times.

[edit] Residents


[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Zone 1: Goldenglow Estate

The first floor consists of six rooms connected by four hallways, and there are four doors that lead to other areas of the estate. The first room from the front door is set out as a mix between a display and sitting area. On the northern table is an Apothecary's Satchel; the table to the east has a pair of gauntlets, and to the south is a pair of benches. In the northeastern corner of the room is an apprentice-locked door that leads to a small storage room containing some food, a weapon, an instrument and a novice-locked strongbox. Following the corridor to the east, the shelves contain a knapsack and there is an end table on either side. Heading north from there, the kitchen is on the left. There is a multitude of food items, mostly bread and wine, but also including ingredients laying about and herbs hanging above the table.

Heading straight up the corridor from the kitchen, is the servants' or workers' dining room on the right with some food on the table, some instruments on the shelves to the north, an end table by the eastern wall and sacks throughout. Exiting through the other doors and turning left, you will find the back door, which is expert-locked from the outside. Just outside the door is the entrance to the sewers.

At the western end of the corridor is an adept-locked room containing food, some leveled potions, two chests, and a few barrels and sacks. Around the corner is a sitting area with a bench, two chairs and four end tables. Through the entrance is the main dining room, which has nine chairs and two end tables, with some gold on or under the dining table. Alongside the dining room is another corridor with an end table in the middle and two chairs at the western end. To the north of the chairs is an apprentice-locked storeroom containing some armored boots and a chest.

The eastern side of the corridor leads to two doors, the door to the second floor is to the north up some stairs, and the door to the basement is through a novice-locked grated door to the south and down some stairs. The novice locked door can be opened with the Goldenglow Cellar Key carried by Aringoth.

[edit] Zone 2: Second Floor

The second floor consists of seven rooms with just one long corridor and one exit back to the first floor. The first room is a social area, as observed by the drink and gold spread across the three two-seater tables and a bottle of Honningbrew Mead on the shelves beside the entrance door. The next room is a very small storage room, with one garlic, an instrument, a Woodcutter's Axe and a pair of armored boots.

The next room along is a double bedroom containing two beds, two dressers and a wardrobe; on the shelves by the wardrobe is some more garlic. Leaving through the other doors, there is a wardrobe in the corridor to the right. Continuing on and bypassing the room to the right, the corridor ends at another bedroom, outside of which can be found some garlic and gold on a table. The bedroom contains one single bed, a dresser, a wardrobe, and an adept-locked door leading to a small storage room with a barrel, a few sacks, some loose gold, and a coin purse.

The bypassed room is an outer room to Aringoth's bedroom and contains two wardrobes and some lavender on the table. The door to Aringoth's bedroom has a novice lock. To the right of this door is a cupboard and wine-filled shelves, while to the left of the door is a table with some gold underneath and a knapsack on top. On the raised section of the bedroom is the double bed, on the bedside table is a Queen Bee Statue and at the end of the table is an apprentice-locked chest. To the right of the bed, on the shelves, are some jazbay grapes and flowers. To the left of the bed, on the dresser, is the Bee in a Jar. There is also a wardrobe and a cupboard.

[edit] Zone 3: Basement

The basement is divided into four areas with two exits. The first area is the largest and contains two barrels and an apprentice-locked chest in the north east corner. Down the corridor and to the left is an area containing a coin purse on the table straight ahead and to the right of the door a few animal pelts and furs. Returning to the corridor you might notice, before you enter the next room, an oil slick on the ground which runs under the single chair. Opposite the chair are the stairs to the small safe room, which contains some gold on the table, a novice-locked chest, and the expert-locked Aringoth's Safe (the Goldenglow Safe Key can be taken from Aringoth and used to open the safe). Through the grated unlocked door is an entrance to a part of the sewer that is otherwise unreachable.

[edit] Zone 4: Sewer

The exit to the estate's sewer system is on the northern side of the island and provides a stealthy entry point to the estate. The sewers themselves follow a linear path from the exit on the edge of the island to the entrance behind the house. From the exit, the path runs north to a room with two skeevers, after which the path turns eastward. There is an oil slick beneath three skeevers, with a tripwire just before the start of the slick that drops a lantern to ignite it. Near the end of this section there is a sideroom to the south with an expert-locked grated door; inside is the book Guide to Better Thieving and an adept-locked chest. Returning to the main path, the next room is cicular and has a pillar in the middle. There are two skeevers in here near a cart and skeleton. The exit to the room has a tripwire that causes a mace to fall down in the middle of the path. The path ends at the steps that bring you out behind the house. Across from these steps is where you will drop into from another part of the sewer only accessible through the basement.

[edit] Grounds

The front gate is only unlockable with the Goldenglow Gate Key, which is carried by the mercenary watching the front gate. Near to the cart to the northeast of the gate are some barrels. Near the bridge to the south are some flowers and a Nirnroot. At the other end of the bridge is a barrel. The bridge to the north connects to the main island where the house is situated. Following the path here, the first thing of note is the second connecting bridge to the western island. This island is where the six bee hives are located. In the field in front of the hives there is a multitude of harvestable flowers, and under cover are some barrels.

Continuing back on the main path, it curves around and goes past the front door of the house. To the right-hand side of the door is a grindstone and a workbench. On the opposite side of the path there is a wood chopping block and two chickens' nests. Where the path eventually ends, you should see some more barrels. To the left is the sewer entrance, and behind the barrels are the docks, where a ship and a small boat are docked. There are also a few more barrels on the docks between them.

[edit] Maps

Goldenglow Estate Main Floor
Goldenglow Estate Second Floor
Goldenglow Estate Basement
Goldenglow Estate Sewer

[edit] Notes

  • Before the related quest is activated, the door to Goldenglow Estate will be locked and the whole area is protected by invisible walls. A mercenary is guarding the main gate. However, he won't turn hostile to you unless being attacked.

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