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The Pale
(lore page)
Capital Dawnstar (map)
Jarl's Residence The White Hall
Military Fort Fort Dunstad
Initial Affiliation Stormcloaks
Imperial Government
Jarl Brina Merilis
Housecarl Horik Halfhand
Stormcloaks Government
Jarl Skald
Housecarl Jod
The snow-covered pine forests of The Pale on a rare sunny day

The Pale is a hold in northern Skyrim, with its capital in Dawnstar. It is initially affiliated with the Stormcloaks, but can be captured by the Imperial Legion after completing A False Front and The Battle for Fort Dunstad.

[edit] Places

  • All locations in the Pale with individual map markers are listed. There are a few places without map markers listed for their significance.

[edit] Hold Capital

  • SR-mapicon-Dawnstar.png Dawnstar — A city on the northern coast of Skyrim, and the capital of the Pale. (map)

[edit] Farms, Towns, and Settlements including Orc Strongholds and Inns

[edit] Camps, including Giant Camps and Military Camps

[edit] Caves

[edit] Dragon Lairs

[edit] Ruins including Dwarven and Nordic

[edit] Standing Stones and Daedric Shrines

[edit] Towers and Forts

[edit] Landmarks, including Bodies of Water, Clearings, Ships and Shipwrecks

[edit] Unmarked Places

[edit] The Pale Quests

Quests that are started in or related to the Pale.

[edit] Main Quest

[edit] Imperial Legion Civil War Quests

[edit] Stormcloaks Civil War Quests

[edit] Daedric Quests

[edit] Dark Brotherhood

[edit] Thieves Guild

[edit] College of Winterhold

[edit] Dawnguard DG

[edit] Side Quests

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