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This article is about alchemy labs used to make potions and poisons. For the player-built home addition related to the Hearthfire add-on, see Alchemy Laboratory.

An Alchemy Lab

Alchemy Labs are places where it is possible to perform Alchemy. A category listing all places where alchemy labs can be found is available at Category:Skyrim-Places-Alchemy Labs.


[edit] Locations

[edit] Eastmarch

[edit] Falkreath

[edit] Haafingar

[edit] Hjaalmarch

[edit] The Pale

[edit] The Reach

[edit] The Rift

Appears Only with the Dragonborn Official Mod

[edit] SolstheimDB

[edit] Whiterun Hold

[edit] Winterhold

[edit] Player Owned Houses

[edit] Bugs

  • The player may clip through the alchemy lab, and appear to be standing in the middle. This has no effect on exiting or using the table. ?
  • Sometimes after making many potions the lab doesn't let you select more ingredients. This is fixed simply by leaving it and then selecting it again. ?
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